How to Choose a New Zealand Business Database

Every business uses a contact database of some sorts, whether it is locked away in your head or hopefully all contained in a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system.

Growing your own database takes a lot of time so using an established and maintained external product is a quick and easy way of accessing large amounts of information that could take you years to build yourself.

Choosing the right supplier will save you time & money in the long run.

Two of the most important factors in marketing your product or services are:

  1. Focus your resources
  2. Target the right people

Both of these can be achieved by choosing your business database correctly.

Your investment in a business database is only the first of many expenses and it will not be the biggest. There may be printing, postage and phone calls (depending on how you use it) but most of all, the cost of your time. If the database is inaccurate or cannot supply the details you need you will waste time and resources contacting the wrong companies and the wrong people and it may represent your business very poorly.

What makes Katalyst different from the rest?

Katalyst has more comprehensive detail and more current information on the Business-To-Business (B2B) market than any other source.

Katalyst is the perfect database solution for businesses with a high value proposition for top management decision makers in well defined vertical markets across a range of industries.

Katalyst contains comprehensive profiles on the products, services, brands, activities and people of New Zealand's most important businesses.

NZ Business Database Suppliers

There are a number of New Zealand suppliers of business databases, directories and lists.

Each supplier has their own merits, strengths and weaknesses. As an educated customer you will be able to make an informed choice about the best option for you. Katalyst is a great solution for particular problems but other products are more suitable for some users. This is a list of suppliers in the NZ market that we are aware of.

Long considered a bible in the engineering industry

Suppliers of niche databases such as Building, Construction, Architects, Hospitality, Schools, Real Estate, Trades, Event & Conference Organisers

Dun & Bradstreet
Primarily a credit reporting and debt collection company, they also sell sales & marketing lists.

Fairfax Business Research
A business and contact database, owned and research by Fairfax Media, with a focus on New Zealand's larger organisations.

KMS Data
Suppliers of any type of business and residential list

A health professional database; medical, pharmacy, dental, and veterinary professionals.

The New Zealand Business Who's Who
Not active in NZ 2008-2010 but now under new management publishing the classic black book.

Veda Advantage
Provider of credit services and business intelligence, financial risk management solutions, marketing solutions

B2B Data lists

Zenbu is a Creative Commons licensed database of NZ businesses and locations. It has very basic, but free, information on businesses and locations nationwide.

Finda / DataMarket
DataMarket, the list provider division of Finda, stopped operating in mid 2010.

Yellow has not sold lists since being sold by Telecom in 2007