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Katalyst is a New Zealand business to business (B2B) database, directory and business search engine that provides business users with comprehensive information about NZ companies, people, products, and services. It's the only company information directory you need.

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Business Search Engine & NZ B2B Database - Directory

Katalyst records company details in a structured, searchable format. The information you'll find in Katalyst includes:

  • Company name, NZBN, and company number
  • Key people including owners, directors, and executives
  • Company size, turnover, and number of employees – where actual figures are not available, we provide estimates based on our extensive research and knowledge of the business
  • Contact information including addresses, web site URLs, and generic email addresses
  • Main products or services provided by the business classified according to ANZSIC codes as well as import, export, and distribution information
  • Brand names the company owns and/or uses

You can search all the above information in either a structured search or a free search. This lets you use the database for a range of different purposes, including the quick and accurate compilation of sales and marketing lists.

We've made the database as easy to use as possible too, plus every search will present you with information that you can use in your business – information that will help you save money, find new customers, increase productivity, and/or improve turnover and profits.

What Makes Katalyst Different?

Katalyst isn't the only New Zealand business database. Additionally, we also compete with search engines like Google and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. After all, isn't Google search one of the tools you and your team would use when trying to find information on a company, new suppliers, or new leads?

We stand out from other business directories and from search engines like Google and LinkedIn in a number of different ways. This includes the quality of the information in our database, something which can only be achieved through careful curation.

In addition, we structure the information in our directory in a unique way – this is Katalyst's true USP. Sure, a lot of the information in the database can be found in Google and LinkedIn, but there is no structure to this information. Searching on these tools, therefore, takes up a considerable amount of time.

We've done all that heavy lifting for you, giving you the information your business needs at the touch of a button. This includes difficult to find information like company size and employee count.

At Katalyst, we're not only about the total number of entries in our database. Instead, we provide quality information and a solution that will save you time and give you a competitive edge.

In summary, Katalyst is:

  • Focused
  • Actionable
  • Comprehensive
  • Targeted


Katalyst is a NZ B2B business database with a difference. This is because we don't try to list every business in the country. Instead, our focus is on the businesses that matter. How do we determine which businesses matter? Here are some important statistics to consider:

  • 14 percent of NZ businesses account for 80 percent of the economy's output
  • 8 percent of NZ businesses account for 60 percent of all employees

All businesses are important, particularly to their owners and the people who work in them. For you, however, the companies that really matter are those companies that fall into the brackets listed above, i.e. those that employ the most people and generate the most revenue.

At Katalyst, we believe in quality over quantity.


Katalyst has more extensive information and more search fields than any other NZ business database. The information our database contains includes:

  • Contact details
  • Executives and directors
  • Description of activities
  • Websites
  • Employees
  • Turnover
  • Brand names
  • Subsidiary & parent relationships
  • ANZSIC classification


What are the benefits to your business of the Katalyst database? We work hard to put the database together, but what can you do with the information it contains? What are the benefits to your business? The Katalyst business database can benefit your business in several ways. This includes:

  • Finding new suppliers for the products and services your business needs
  • Helping you conduct research into companies, markets, and industries
  • Identifying and targeting key areas that will help your business grow
  • Producing lists for direct mail campaigns to help you win new customers
  • Finding sales leads and helping your sales team make new contacts
  • Putting your products in front of B2B purchasers


Katalyst contains information on key NZ businesses in a range of industries and sectors. This includes:

  • Producers
  • Manufacturers
  • Publishers
  • Franchisors
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Wholesalers
  • Agents
  • Business service providers
  • Retail chains

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