Turnover Data Availability in NZ

Katalyst Business has turnover data for approximately 16% of the companies on the database. These are mainly publicly listed, foreign owned and private companies with something to boast about.

It is not a legal requirement for most companies to disclose this information and most companies would rather not. If you are trying to gauge company size we suggest using employee numbers as a proxy as Katalyst has 98% coverage of this field or, on our Catalyst Desktop application, you can use the Turnover Estimate figures.

Companies that must disclose turnover

From the Companies Office Financial Reporting

Under the Financial Reporting Act 1993 (FRA) and Financial Reporting Amendment Act 2006, companies with the following criteria are required to file audited financial statements with the Registrar of Companies.

A review of all Companies which are required to file under the FRA reveals a total of 3,243 companies are required to file for the March 2005 balance date.