How does Katalyst collect business data?

Maintaining a contact database of 17,500 companies and 40,000 contacts is not a simple task.
People come, people go, jobs change, companies and even entire industries restructure...

Here at Katalyst New Zealand we keep our comprehensive database of business contacts, products, services, demographics (and more) current through a systematic program of research and updates. Simply put, legwork!

How do you choose companies to be listed in the database?

Katalyst lists Business-to-Business companies in its database, and important companies which are Business-to-Consumer.

We focus on the 14% of NZ businesses that account for 80% of the economy's output.

Producers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, large wholesalers. Generally NOT retail or trade except chains and groups.

Katalyst profiles the head office and senior management team. Branches are entered under the head office in the 'Branch' field.
Eg. There is only one entry for ASB Bank on Katalyst.

What about...

Luxury hotels Yes
Bed and breakfasts No
Petrol companies (BP, Shell...) Yes
Petrol stations No
The Warehouse Yes
Corner dairies No
Green Acres Franchise Group (commercial and domestic services contracting franchise company) Yes
My neighbourhood lawn mower No
Fast food chains and franchise head offices Yes
Bazza's Fish and Chip shop est. 1963 No

How big is the database?

Katalyst New Zealand covers 17,500 head offices nationwide. Look at our How big is the database? page for a detailed breakdown.

How do you collect the data?

We use a huge variety of information sources to ensure the currency and coverage of the database.

"I can find all this information on Google"

There is plenty of information available for free on the Internet but your problem quickly becomes information overload and lack of time. Katalyst will save you time and money searching around. What information can you find online?

All of the above in one simple document??? Katalyst.

We do refer to Google in our research process, but it is not our only resource. We combine information from many different sources to make one single, thorough and concise point of reference.

How about confining a search to a geographical region, or looking for manufacturers or exporters, or companies with more than 50 employees?
Easy with Katalyst, almost impossible without.

What information/data do you collect?