How is Katalyst different from other 'directories'?

Katalyst is unmatched by any other product in focus, depth and currency of information.

Katalyst covers head offices of B2B companies with approximately 17,700 profiles in New Zealand. Producers, manufacturers, publishers, franchisees, importers, exporters, wholesalers, agents, business service providers.

  • Finda covers head offices and branches of B2B and B2C companies with approximately 150,000 profiles in New Zealand.
  • Yellow Pages covers any business of any type with approximately 250,000 entries in New Zealand. It is traditionally and primarily used as a resource for sourcing local B2C focused services.
  • Zenbu covers any business or public location (toilets, parks, etc...) and is useful for finding basic contact details, locations and factual data.

For example, Katalyst has 1 entry for ASB Bank which covers the top management in the head office and a full profile of the business with demographics, brands, products and services of the company. UBD would have multiple entries with less information. Yellow Pages would list every branch with the bare minimum of contact details. Zenbu would list every branch and ATM.

Katalyst is focused exclusively on the 14% of NZ businesses that account for 80% of the economy's output. It has more extensive information and more search fields than any other NZ business database. If you are looking for information that you can trust on companies that we cover, then Katalyst is the only choice.

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