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Distributors - door mats, oils and lubricants, pest control

Head Office Contact Details:

Company Name:
Northern Distributors

Physical Address:
7 Allens Road, Allenton, Ashburton 7700
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Postal Address:
P O Box 86027, Rolleston, Rolleston 7643

+64-3-307 9793

+64-3-307 9793

Brands/Trade Names/Agencies:
BV2 - aerosol surface insecticide, pest eradication, fly/insect sprays, insecticide total release fumigants
Sil-Jet - silicone sprays
XL - aerosol sprays - adhesive spray, anti-friction silicone spray, high velocity silicone spray, silicone food grade spray, graffiti & chewing gum remover, printers, sprays, oil/water repellent spray blaster
Advance - matwells, coconut matting, coir mats, matwell frames
Coral Plus - door mats
Coral Tread - door mats
Coverguard - table protective/insulated covers
Enhance - door mats, entrance mats, floor mats
Entrap - door mats, entrance mats, floor mats
Graphic Wom - door message mats
Honeycomb - playground safety matting
Hot Foot - bird repellent
Hoy Hoy - cockroach traps
Lok-Lift - mat grippers
Master Mat - anti fatigue mats, industrial matting, playground safety matting
Miracle Grip - non-slip material
Nissen - engineers crayons, felt tipped pens, metal markers, paint pens, paint markers, waterproof markers
Nomad - door mats, entrance mats, floor mats, promotional mats
Northern - nylon mats, playground safety matting
Nuway - aluminium mats, rubber mats
Otho-Air - electronic lumbar cushions
Pedigrid - door mats, entrance mats
Pedimat - door mats, entrance mats
Plainguard - door mats
Safe Floor - anti slip flooring, surfacing materials, safety mats
Safety-Walk - anti slip surfacing materials
Stand Easy - anti slip flooring, surfacing materials, safety mats
Starlux - coir matting, coir mats
Statmat - antistatic mats
Supaduck - anti fatigue mats, idnsutrial pvc matting
Supagrippa - anti fatigue mats, industrial pvc matting
Treadman - horse float mats, rubber mats
Tube-Tread - anti fatigue mats, industrial pvc matting
Tuftiguard - aluminium mats, door mats, entrance mats, rubber mats
Walkoff - cotton matting, nylon matting
WOM 2000 - cotton matting, door mats, floor mats, nylon matting, promotional mats

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